Welcome to Project Britannia

Project Britannia is, or perhaps was, the culmination of almost a decade of work, taking the world of Origin Systems’ Britannia, and implementing it in Gas Powered Games’ game engine for Dungeon Siege. Essentially, you can now play Ultima V and Ultima VI, on modern hardware, with enhanced gameplay and graphics.

Since its origin in roughly 2005, dozens of people have put thousands of hours into this project. There are still people writing mods, and you can find links to them in the forum. This website contains valuable resources dedicated to continuing this craft.

There is also a development blog, mostly filled with links that no longer work, and announcements that no longer matter, but it stands as a testament to, and a timeline for the team that we put together. The Project Britannia team included people from all walks of life, all across the world, from America, to New Zealand, to Finland, to Hong Kong. It was truly a global effort.

We want to thank everyone who helped with this project. It was truly a labor of love.

What’s on this web site?

We host links to the two games that were built using the Project Britannia game engine, built by Team Lazarus and Team Archon collaboratively. Additionally, you can download the game engine itself, and install it in your own development environment for use with the Siege Editor. We also host the Siege Tools development toolset for creating your own mods. In addition, we host a wiki which contains a record of the featureset contained in Project Britannia along with some historical details. There’s also an essential link to our documentation for the custom “Skrit” API which is used to customize the Dungeon Siege game engine. Finally, there’s a forum, where you can connect with other modders, or post about your experiences with Ultima V: Lazarus, and The Ultima 6 Project, and get help with the games.

At some point I may add some how-tos for posterity, in case anyone needs a quick-start guide to getting Dungeon Siege properly set up to work with either of these mods. Maybe an FAQ for installation problems. Ideally we’d also have a setup guide for modders who want to make their own mods. I think there are also some screenshots hidden on the old website that need to make their way over here at some point.