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Lighting Tutorial

Britannia Lighting Model

Outdoor Lighting

The overworld of Britannia has a standard lighting model in order to have a consistent look throughout the realm. All overworld regions should stick to the following model and only deviate when necessary. If the lighting for a region needs to be changed for any reason, care must be taken to ensure that no visible lighting seams appear between the updated region and the neighboring regions.

The lighting model consists of 3 directional lights.

  • A white primary light coming in from the East that is set to occlude and cast shadows. Set on a timer.
  • A blue shadow/night light coming in from the West that is set to occulde, but not cast shadows. Not set on a timer.
  • A gray ambience/diffuse light coming straight down on the world, set to occlude but not cast shadows. Set on a timer.

The mixture of these 3 lights gives the most natural look that we have found.

First set the North Vector

Light Settings

ParametersLight 1Light 2Light 3
Draw ShadowsYesNoNo
Affects ActorsYesYesYes
Affects ItemsYesYesYes
Affects TerrainYesYesYes
On TimerYesNoYes

Ambient Lighting Settings


Indoor Lighting

In order to keep houses and castles from being too dark, additional lighting may be required. "Obvious" lighting can be achieved by placing candles, torches, etc. and attaching point lights to them. In addition, more subtle lighting effects can be achieved by placing large radius point lights high up in large rooms. These lights should be set to a relatively dim level to provide just a hint of extra light. Additionally, they should be set as On Timer lights so that they slowly fade out as it gets dark.

There are really no hard and fast rules for good lighting, experiment and play with different effects until you find something that looks good for the area you are building.

Dungeon Lighting

Dungeon Lighting doesn't follow a set standard. Some dungeons should be extremely dark and require torches or other light sources to navigate, while other dungeons should simply be dim and not require an additional light source. For the most part, dungeons should not be illuminated by directional lighting, but simply be lit using the ambience of the region and point lights.

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