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Development Tools

Development Tools

Standard Editing Environment
The Standard Editing Environment setup package will install a common framework for working with Project Britannia. This consists of:

  • Build BAT Files - Build files to recreate the Project Britannia tanks
  • Common shortcuts to launch Dungeon Siege, DSMod, and Siege Editor with the appropriate command line parameters for Project Britannia.
  • Directory Structure - Will create the standard Project Britannia directory structure for use with the shortcuts and build files.

NPC Generator
The NPC Generator is an in-house tool that has been built to easily create NPCs for placement within the world. The generator will allow you to define the look and attribute of the NPC, the inventory of the NPC, what the NPC will sell, and any schedules associated with the NPC. The NPC is then exported to the appropriate Gas templates for placement within the Siege Editor.

SFX Text Builder
In order to support the bark and text bubbles in the world, we created a small utility that will convert a typed in word or phrase to a compatible texture. These are then used by the various bubble text systems to display.

LBE (Lazarus Book Editor)
The LBE is a tool that assists in the creation of the books that are available in Britannia. It provides a text editor and will export the appropriate template and skrit files needed to display the book.

Siege Tools for Eclipse
For the latest stable release see Siege Tools You can also use the standalone version of Siege Tools for Eclipse and follow the Tutorial

For the latest unstable release see Siege Tools Unstable

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