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Siege Tools - New and Noteworthy

Siege Tools - New and Noteworthy

Version 1.0.29 (Beta)

Siege Tools v1.0.29 (Plugin Only)

Note: If you are using the full Eclipse + Siege Tools, just drop this into your /SiegeTools/plugins directory

  • Fixed various bugs detected while implementing code completion in the Conversation Editor plugin.
  • Fixed a null pointer error that was being thrown when opening a skrit file that didn't have any formal comments in it.
  • Fixed sorting of user defined functions in the code completion popup. Sorts by name instead of return type.
  • Tag doxygen style @todo or \todo as a TODO task in the skrit and gas editors
  • If a property has a formal comment above it, append that to the property documentation derived from the [ doc = "..." ] suffix.
   /** Additional documentation 
       for myProperty */
   property string myProperty doc = "Simple documentation for myProperty";
  • Put in a fix for parser errors on cmd_texture.skrit. This skrit, located in the core DS logic has a very strange transition and state block structure that broke the parser:
 startup state Inactive$;
   Inactive$ -> Active$: OnGoHandleMessage( WE_REQ_ACTIVATE ) = 
   Active$ -> Inactive$: OnGoHandleMessage( WE_REQ_DEACTIVATE ) =

This has a few very strange constructs. A state definition with no body. A transition block outside of a state, and multiple transition checks within a single transition blocks.

Version 1.0.27 (Beta)

Siege Tools v1.0.27 (Plugin Only)

Note: If you are using the full Eclipse + Siege Tools, just drop this into your /SiegeTools/plugins directory

  • Display user created functions, properties, and variables within the code completion drop down in the skrit editor. (Ctrl+Space)
  • Display code hovers describing user created skrit functions and properties.
  • If a skrit file has a #include and that include file is located within the workspace, it will be parsed and it's functions included in code completion for the current file.


  • Added the ability to document local functions with formal comments.

Formal comments are in the form:

 /** My comment here.

    More information

    \param parm1$ documentation of parm1

 function void MyFunction$(string parm1$)


If you document your functions in this way, then this documentation will appear in code completion and code hovers.

Note: Formal comments must start with /** and end with */.

Additional formatting options:

 <b> .. </b> for bold
 <i> .. </i> for italic
 <code> .. </code> for code blocks
 <br> for line breaks
 \param variablename description    -- to document a function parameter



  • Functions from include files will also display documentation if it's been added


Version 1.0.25 (Beta)

Siege Tools v1.0.25 (Plugin Only)

Full Eclipse + Siege Tools Package (Windows Only)

  • Fixed some issues with variable expansion in skrit editor when inside: state xxx$ { ... } blocks
  • Discovered and fixed some parsing errors in the skrit editor
  • Made hovers over property variables in skrit editor display associated doc line
  • when double clicking an include in the skrit outline, don't move the cursor in the active editor to the top of the file

Version 1.0.24 (Beta)

Siege Tools v1.0.24

To install, drop into your Eclipse/Plugins directory and restart Eclipse (or the standalone Siege Tools for Eclipse)

Gas Editor Enhancements
Attach:gas_property_hovers.jpgHovering over component properties will display any documentation for the property. This also includes any custom skrit components you create. (Note that for this to work, you will need copies of all of the skrit components, as well as components.gas in your workspace)

Attach:gas_block_completion.jpgGas files now have code completion and will list out all of the properties available within the current block. (Note that for this to work, you will need copies of all of the skrit components, as well as components.gas in your workspace). Use Ctrl+Space to activate code completion.

Attach:gas_jump_to_component.jpgYou can right+click a custom skrit component and jump to the associated skrit file if that file resides in your workspace.

Attach:gas_jump_to_template_in_file.jpgBy pressing Ctrl+G you can quickly navigate to different templates, moods, or SFX within the current file. Start typing the name of the template you want to navigate to in order to narrow the list.

Attach:gas_show_color_in_color_view.jpgRight click a color variable in the form 0x... to view this color in the color view

Attach:gas_show_sun_in_color_view.jpgRight click the [sun] in a mood block to view this sun block in the color view

Attach:gas_show_in_hierarchy.jpgRight click a template name to display it in the template heirarchy view.

Attach:gas_show_in_image_view.jpgRight click a texture variable in the form b_... to view this image in the image viewer. This image must be present in the workspace.
Gas Hierarchy View
Attach:gashierarchy_view.jpgThis view will show you all of the templates within your workspace and how they relate to each other. Double clicking the template will take you to the code for that templage. (Note: you will need to set your paths in Window->Preferences->Siege Tools->Gas Hierarchy View Settings)
Color View
Attach:color_view_color.jpgView and define new colors. Also displays colors from the gas editor.

Attach:color_view_copy_sun_block_to_clipboard.jpgView and define custom sun blocks. Also displays sun blocks from the gas editor. After defining a custom sun block, you can copy it to the clipboard for easy pasting back into your mood blocks.
Image View
Attach:image_view.jpgThis view will display selected *.raw or *.psd files that you click on in the file navigator. You can also view images referenced by gas files by right+clicking the texture name in the file.
Skrit API View
The skrit API view will allow you to browse the skrit api, as well as document classes and methods that are undocumented. Any changes will automatically appear in the skrit editor hovers and code completion. It is also possible to filter the list down to the specific version of Dungeon Siege you are running. The file that is generated if you save the api is a simple XML file.
Skrit Editor Enhancements
Attach:skrit_hover.jpgHovering over a skrit function will display the API definition if that function has been documented in the Skrit API.

Attach:skrit_code_completion.jpgCode completion has been updated to more accurately determine what class you need to complete based upon the variable type you are referencing. If any documentation has been defined in the SkritApi, then that will display as well. Use Ctrl+Space to activate code completion.

Attach:skrit_errors_1.jpg Attach:skrit_errors_2.jpg Attach:skrit_errors_3.jpgErrors in your code will be indicated by red marks, warnings will be indicated by yellow marks. To view the error, hover over the red or yellow indicator in the margin.

Attach:skrit_jump_to_function.jpgBy pressing Ctrl+G you can quickly navigate to different functions within the current file. Start typing the name of the function you want to navigate to in order to narrow the list.

By placing a comment structured as: //TODO: ... A task will be defined that can be seen in the tasks view. This also works in the gas editors.
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Page last modified on October 25, 2007, at 11:33 PM