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Step 4: Add the station gizmos


What we've done so far is the simplest of schedules. NPCs will be at the right place at the right time. Now we need to have them perform actions.

We would like to have the following happen:

nicole_sched_0800Wander around the house
nicole_sched_1000Walk from table to table in the tavern and then walk to the bar.
nicole_sched_2000Wander around the house. Note: We are going to reuse the same station gizmos for this as we do for the 0800 schedule.

Setting up nicole_sched_1000

First, we'll set up the tavern sequence since that's more interesting. The idea here is that we want Nicole to randomly walk between the different tables and perform her fidget animation. We also want her to occasionally walk up to the bar.

  • Drop 4 tables in the tavern
  • Drop cmd_ai_c_pb_move_orient gizmos next to each table and next to the bar


  • ctrl+select each of the cmd_ai_c_pb_move_orient gizmos so they are all selected and press g. This will copy all of the scids to the clipboard.
  • open up the properties of the nicole_sched_1000 and paste the list into station_command_scids'. (Make sure the whole list is pasted in)
  • Close the properties and you should see rays to each of the stations


Setting up nicole_sched_0800 and nicole_sched_2000

Set up the nicole_sched_0800 and nicole_sched_2000 schedules the same way by dropping some move gizmos around the house and copying the scids into the station_command_scids property.

Test it out

Launch the region and test it out.

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Page last modified on September 18, 2005, at 06:21 PM