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Step 3: Place the local schedule starters

The local schedule starters will be located under

 Game Objects/ultima/actors/npcs/ow-07_yew

And will consist of:

  • nicole_sched_0800
  • nicole_sched_1000
  • nicole_sched_2000
  • nicole_sched_2200
  • nicole_sleeping
  • nicole_shop

Set up nicole_sched_2200

  • Create a small house and drop a bed in it
  • drop nicole_sleeping in and position her on the bed.
  • drop nicole_sched_2200 next to the bed
  • Copy the scid of nicole_sleeping into the local_schedule_starter:sleeper_scid property of nicole_sched_2200
  • drop a cmd_ai_c_pb_move_orient gizmo next to the bed, pointing at the bed.
 see: Game Objects/ultima/gizmos/scheduling/cmd_ai_c_pb_move_orient
  • copy the scid of the cmd_ai_c_pb_move_orient into the local_schedule_starter:initial_command property of nicole_sched_2200


Set up nicole_sched_0800 and nicole_sched_2000

We're going to have both the 8:00am and 8:00pm schedules happen at the house for simplicity.

  • drop nicole_sched_0800 and nicole_sched_2000 in the room
  • drop cmd_ai_c_pb_move gizmos next to each schedule
  • wire the cmd_ai_c_pb_move gizmos up to the initial_command property of the schedules


Set up nicole_sched_1000

Add some more terrain and put in a tavern node. This is where the 10:00am schedule will take place.

  • drop nicole_sched_1000 in the tavern
  • drop a cmd_ai_c_pb_move gizmo next to the schedule
  • wire up the initial_command property of the schedule gizmo to the cmd_ai_c_pb_move gizmo.

Set up the shop in the tavern

  • drop niclole_shop in the tavern
  • copy the scid to the clipboard by pressing 'g'
  • paste it into nicole_sched_1000 in shop_gizmo property of local_schedule_starter

Test it out

Now you can test it out by launching SE. To speed up time, press ; and hit the 10x button.

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Page last modified on September 18, 2005, at 06:21 PM