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Scheduling System

The scheduling system's aim is to allow for things to happen outside of every npc waiting hand and foot on the hero. Each NPC should have lives of their own and follow their daily routines. The Scheduling Tutorial walks through a simple scheduling scenario.

See: Scheduling Tutorial

Local Schedules

This is the schedule a certain NPC follows within a confined area of space or time. For example, a barmaid would have a couple different local schedules throughout the day.

  • Most of the day, she would be in the tavern waiting on tables
  • At night, she would be performing her nightly rituals before going to bed
  • In the morning, she would be performing her morning rituals before going to work.

All of the above would be referenced as separate Local Schedules

Transition Schedules
These are the schedules that happen in-between local schedules. For instance, walking from home to work and walking back home at the end of the day. These schedules will ONLY happen if the NPC is being observed, otherwise the NPC will either be at one or the other local schedule locations. You will never happen across an NPC walking from local schedule to local schedule unless you follow them from one to the other.

Note:: Each local schedule gizmo contains references to both the local schedule and the transition schedule sequences. At the end of a local schedule, if the actor is within the current frustum, the transition schedule sequence will be initiated.

Station Gizmos

These are used to have the NPC perform it's different functions within the local schedule. These range from having points that have the NPC Walk Here to having the NPC open or close a door. For each type of action that an NPC needs to perform, a USE point gizmo needs to be placed and in some cases new functionality built.

NPC Storage Handler

This is an object that is global to the world that keeps track of the current health and inventory of the NPC. This is used to make sure that a local schedule does not spawn an NPC if that NPC had previously been killed.

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