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Setting up the Dev Environment

Setting up the Development Environment

This tutorial will demonstrate how to set up the standard Project Britannia development environment. This is the setup that is currently being used by the U6P and UVL development teams.

What you need:

Initial Setup

To begin with, you will need to install the base components.

  • Install Dungeon Siege with the required patches, or Dungeon Siege LOA
  • Install the Dungeon Siege Toolkit (DSTK)
  • Install the most recent milestone of Project Britannia and make sure you check Project Specific Shortcuts for Siege Editor and DSMod
  • Verify that Project Britannia works in development mode by launching one of the Project Britannia DSMOD shortcuts

Install Development Environment

Once you have verified that Project Britannia works, you can install the PB Development Environment Setup. Make sure that you install this to the same location that you installed Project Britannia to. After installing, you should have the following directories set up:

 <Project Britannia Root Directory> 

Next, you will need to unzip Tank Creator and copy RTC.EXE into your \britannia_support directory. The britannia_support directory contains DOS BAT files that require RTC.EXE to rebuild the britannia tanks.

Extracting the Britannia Tanks

The next thing you will want to do is extract the Britannia tanks (located in the resources directory) to the appropriate folders. ie: britannia_logic.dsres should get extracted to the britannia_logic directory.

Note: You will want to ensure that you have a decent amount of disk space available prior to doing this.

Extracting Tanks from the command line - New

The latest version of the pb_dev_environment download has a BAT file called: extract_pb_tanks.bat. This is located in the \britannia_support directory.

By executing this, the PB tanks will automatically be extracted into the appropriate directories. Currently, this batch file only extract britannia_logic.dsres and britannia.dsmap. To extract the other tanks, open up this batch file in an editor and remove the REM statements for the tanks you want automatically extracted.

Extracting Tanks with TankViewer

You will need to unzip the contents of and copy TankViewer.exe to the britannia_support directory.

To Extract britannia_logic

  • Launch TankViewer by double clicking TankViewer.exe
  • Go to File->Open and open \resources\britannia_logic.dsres
  • Go to Actions->Extract and select Extract All and choose \britannia_logic as the output folder
  • Press OK

Once it has finished extracting, you should be able to browse to the britannia_logic folder. To make sure it worked, ensure that you can at least see a world folder immediately under the britannia_logic folder. (There will also be other folders present)

Repeat the above process for:

  • britannia_art.dsres -> \britannia_art
  • britannia_sound.dsres -> \britannia_sound

If you wish to make modifications to the map, also extract:

  • britannia.dsmap -> \bits

Rebuilding the Tanks

In order to rebuild the tanks from the command line, you will need to download and extract Rapid Tank Creator (RTC.EXE). Place RTC.EXE in your \britannia_support directory.

In the britannia_support directory, the following BAT files have been provided:

  • create_britannia_logic.bat
  • create_britannia_art.bat
  • create_britannia_sound.bat
  • create_britannia_map.bat

These BAT files will rebuild the contents of the associated folder and place a new version of the dsres/dsmap tank into the resources folder. The old version of the tank will be renamed to *.bak.

To test, run the build_britannia_logic.bat by double clicking it. Once it completes, navigate to your \resources folder and verify that you have a britannia_logic.bak file and a britannia_logic.dsres file with the current date.

Siege Tools for Eclipse

For those of you that happen to be familiar with Eclipse, some plugins for editing Skrit and Gas files have been created. These plugins make development much easier and provide syntax highlighting, parameter completion, Siege Editor, DSMod, and DSRetail launching services, etc.

More information can be found at:

You can also find a standalone version of the Seige Tools called Siege Tools (full) in the Project Britannia Tools area.

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