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Laz/PB Compatibility Layer Change Log

Revision 20080720

  • added tracking of reagents, food, arrows to the ";" menu
  • added event console (toggle via button on the lower is placeholder atm.)
  • synced with latest britannia builds

Revision 20080503

Committers: u6p_frilly_wumpus

  • added button to the [esc] menu to access the custom pb options

Build: 20080119

  • Syncing up with the latest PB builds

Build: 20080102

  • Syncing up with the latest PB builds

Build: 20070626

  • Fixed issue with picking up dead party members and resurrecting them

Build: 20070520

  • Added new project britannia functionality to the time_manager. Now it's possible to use the new OnIdle, OnRandom, and OnDayChanged scripts.
  • Hooked up the standard PB configurable settings screen to the ";" screen
  • Fixed issues with conversations not starting in some cases

Build: 20070501

  • Synced up the convo queuer to the pb one so they both have the same functionality
  • fixed issue with portraits getting messed up after an banter event tries to fire

Build: 20070405

  • added data_bar.gas and added new pb functionality to it. This was causing usecode to fail and possibly was causing some convos to fail

Build: 20070326

  • Initial Release
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Page last modified on July 21, 2008, at 12:38 AM