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Project Britannia Wiki

Project Britannia Wiki

Welcome to the Project Britannia Wiki. This wiki documents the various systems included in Project Britannia, provides tutorials, and is a base source of information for Project Britannia.

You can view the Project Britannia Release Plan to see the release schedule and what will be contained.

Latest Builds

The latest stable release of Project Britannia is Milestone 2 (Release April 3, 2006 -- fixed link as of March 18, 2013)

The latest stable release of Ultima V:Lazarus is version 1.2 Final.

The latest stable release of The Ultima 6 Project is 1.1 Final (Released on February 2, 2013).

The following fully built unstable tanks are available to use to build and test with. These are more frequently updated, but should be considered alpha code and may break at times. The date of the last update for each individual tank is provided so individual tanks can be downloaded as they change.

Project Britannia Unstable Builds
Post Milestone 2 Builds
Download and place into your <britannia|lazarus|u6p>/resources directory
britannia_art.dsres (changes) (Use the u6p nightlies instead) 07/20/2008
britannia_logic.dsres (changes) (Use the u6p nightlies instead) 07/20/2008
britannia_sound.dsres (Use the u6p nightlies instead) 03/31/2006
britannia.dsmap 09/18/2005
Lazarus Specific
Download and place into your lazarus/resources directory
pb_laz_comp_layer.dsres 07/28/2012 (Change Log)
Ultima 6 Project - Nightly Builds
u6p_art.dsres 01/29/2013 (Change Log)
u6p_logic.dsres 01/29/2013 (Change Log)
u6p_npc.dsres 01/30/2013 (Change Log)
u6p_sound.dsres 06/30/2010 (Change Log)
u6p_movies.dsres 10/01/2009
u6p_music.dsres 06/30/2010 (Change Log)
u6p_intro.dsres 01/28/2013 (Change Log)
u6p_map.dsmap 01/28/2013 (Change Log)
u6p_bugfix_mod.dsres (Post 1.1 Release) 08/25/2014 (Change Log)
britannia_art.dsres 01/28/2013 (Change Log)
britannia_logic.dsres 01/28/2013 (Change Log)
britannia_sound.dsres 01/28/2013 (Change Log)
Localized Patches
u6p_loc_fr.dsres 01/30/2013 (Change Log)
u6p_bugfix_mod_fr.dsres (Post 1.1 Release) 08/25/2014 (Change Log)
These utilities are a little rough around the edges, but functional.
Conversation Compiler (changes)

Conversation Tutorial Usecode Documentation

Core Plugin for Siege Tools (changes)

(Place into your Siege Tools/plugins directory)

Siege Tools Plugin (Unstable v1.0.29) (Changes) 10/25/2007
Conversation Editor Plugin for Siege Tools v.1.0.18(Changes)

(Place into your Siege Tools/plugins directory)

Book Editor Plugin for Siege Tools

(Place into you Siege Tools/plugins directory)

NPC/Schedule/Chest Generator (changes)

(Unzip and run chargen.exe or chestgen.exe. See: Scheduling Tutorial)





Getting Started

In order to get started developing in Project Britannia, you'll want to go through the following tutorials:

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