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Creating Override Tanks

Creating Override Tanks

Creating Override Tanks

Unless you plan on modifying the core Project Britannia, the recommended way of creating a new Project Britannia based modification is by using override tanks. What this means is that you should create a new tank that only contains any custom content as well as any core core Project Britannia files that you may have modified in order to support your new content. By keeping the core Project Britannia tanks untouched, it should be less difficult to incorporate later versions of Project Britannia since you would only need to update your resources folder with the new versions.

This is the method that both the Lazarus and the Archon teams have used during the creation UV:L and U6P. If you have installed Lazarus, look at the contents of the Lazarus resources folder. You should see both a britannia_logic.dsres as well as a lazarus_logic.dsres. Lazarus_logic.dsres only contains lazarus specific additions to the core britannia_logic. Britannia_logic.dsres should be the same as the what is provided in the Project Britannia distribution, the Lazarus team did not create a custom britannia_logic.dsres specifically for UV:L.

An example for creating an override tank has been provided. Make sure you've set up the PB Development environment first. (See: Setting Up the PB Dev Environment)

The example can be found in the Project Britannia Samples Directory and is called Container Override Sample.

The example consists of:

  • a folder called \override_sample
  • a new BAT file (build_override_sample.bat) that will build override_sample.dsres

And will demonstrate:

  • creating a new type of potion that will mimic the Create Food spell and dump food items around the drinker
  • overriding the contents of an existing persistent container that exists in britannia_logic by adding this new potion to it
  • using k_inc_pb_custom_config.skrit to override PB configuration values in k_inc_pb_config.skrit

Build the sample by running build_override_sample.bat and then you should be able to launch the Project Britannia shortcut and look at the new contents of the chest at the bottom of the hill. You should see your custom text appear in the version information as well as see the new potion in the chest. This is a very simple modification. The best reference for what you can do with overrides would be to look at the way Lazarus was built.

To create your own overrides, create a new folder and modify a new copy of build_override_sample.bat to point to your new content.

Note: Any overrides will need to be created using a higher tank priority than Project Britannia. This is looked at by the Dungeon Siege engine to determine what tanks override each other.

Note: Gas Templates and Skrit components can be modified using any text editor, but for more advanced work take a look at Siege Tools for Eclipse.

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Page last modified on April 06, 2006, at 11:18 AM