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Command Line Parameters

DS Retail/DSMOD Command Line Parameters

Add these to the path of your .exe to create the desired effect.

Source: Kaikopere

bits="path"specifies the path where DS looks for custom untanked resources also known as bits.
user_path="path"specifies where the user files go (rather than My DocumentsDungeon Siege).
keys_path="path"specifies where the configuration file for the hotkeys goes
map_paths="path"where DS should look for dsmap files
mod_paths="path"where DS should look for dsmod files
res_paths="path"where DS should look for dsres files
save_path="path"where DS should put the saved games
shots_path="path"where DS should put the screen shots
dsdll_path="path"where DS should look for .dsdll files
"Path_Parmeter"=!specifies that you only want to load content from this path. For instance 'map_paths=!C:/path_to_custom_maps' would only load maps under C:/path_to_custom_maps.
skrit_retry=trueactivates a "Try Again" window after hitting "Ignore Once" if a skrit error is encountered
skritbot="autoscriptname"executes the file scriptname.log in the auto folder. For example, skritbot="autolog" executes autolog.skrit which dumps all UI messages to console. NOTE: skritbots only work in DSMod.
force_retail_content=true, contentdb_jit=trueEnables "retail" behavior in DSMod
multi=trueAllows you to run multiple copies of DS on the same pc
fpslog=trueRecords frames-per-second information and outputs it to the Fps.log file in the DS folder.
zonematch=trueDisables the Microsoft and GPG logo movies and goes immediately to ZoneMatch.
nosound=trueTurns off all sounds including music.
maxfps=xxForces Dungeon Siege to run at a maximum framerate of xx.
nointro=trueDisables the Microsoft and GPG logo movies.
fullscreen=falseForces the application to run in windowed mode.
height=xxxxForces the game to run at xxxx resolution height.
width=xxxxForces the game to run at xxxx resolution width.
bpp=xxForces the game to run in a specific color depth. 16 and 32 are the parameters.
verifydata=trueInstructs Dungeon Siege to verify the integrity of its executable and resource data when it starts up. This will take time to run and will show a dialog box after verification of each file. If the test indicates that a file is corrupted, try reinstalling the game. Note: Turn this option off after using it.
vsync=falseDisables video vsync if it is supported, which can increase the frame rate.
bltonly=trueForces blt mode instead of flip (to work around nVidia blinking problem with older drivers).
aa_screenshots=trueUses anti-aliasing when rendering a screen shot (may crash system with older drivers). This feature is off by default.
nospacecheck=trueSkips the free disk space and available memory checks on startup.
simplerender=trueForces simple rendering mode. This disables multitexturing and is necessary to eliminate rendering problems for some video card/driver combinations.
asynccursor=falseDisables the asynchronous cursor. This will increase the frame rate but will slow mouse response time.
turtle=trueEnables auto-disconnect from a multiplayer session when a machine times out (i.e., is not heard from for a long time). This feature is on by default. Setting turtle=false
will turn off auto-disconnection. Changing this option is not recommended.
noalttab=trueprevents task switching during gameplay (supported in Windows XP only)
nowinkeys=truedisables the Windows keys (supported in Windows 2000 and Windows XP only).
teleport=n:<node guid>
Automatically teleport to either bookmark or node guid on game startup
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Page last modified on April 13, 2006, at 01:47 AM