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Britannia Art Change Log

Revision 20080720

  • Laz gui/icons getting a makeover.
  • Making the Laz gui/icons prettier.
  • Updating more guis/icons.
  • Updating more GUIs/icons. Since with the sheer volume of items that need to be changed over and it's nearly impossible to do alone, if you would, keep an eye out for any crappy looking items (read: no shadow) when looking at them in the Container UI and let me know. I will be doing more icons in chunks (have more on the way).
  • Missed a few.
  • Fixed broken barks and setting up dogs and cats. Need pb_logic, u6p_art, u6p_logic and u6p_support.
  • (Bug 1371) Quest list, font changed for 16-bit color view (journal_index.gas) - used also in journal_people.gas and ui_spellbook.gas, those may need changed to another ones
  • Saw that we had no GUI/icons for boomerang, so, *voila*. Also updated nnk for weapons and icons (since we will have more to add here later). Need pb_logic.
  • Portrait for new container.
  • Adding cooked steak - need pb_logic
  • Updating and moving some guis. Need pb_logic.
  • Updated wizard conicals and hats with new guis and updated nnk for helmets.
  • Adding some new fancy, humble and old person's robes, also updating all the regular robes guis and moved them where we were intending them to be, updated nnk for the guis. Need pb_logic.
  • Updated icons for container UI.
  • peasant woman sleeping mesh
  • sleeping mouse - for sherry
  • ja sleeping mesh. enjoy.
  • for use with blacksmith/barkeeper NPCs
  • Adding meshes to fix shoe errors. I checked - NPCs are wearing their shoes and no errors. Yay!
  • New textures for object ships. Jimmy is for the Trinsic story and we can SFX, etc. Shipwreck One fits the Virtuous story and will be placed by Lock Lake. Need pb_logic.
  • Updating the thread textures and GUIs and adding the spinning wheel and silk thread textures and GUIs. Will need pb_logic and u6p_logic.
  • for bonn's basement. could probably be used elsewhere if need be
  • thread
  • Adding obelisk textures. Need pb_logic.
  • arial narrow font
  • boat - for placing in-game
  • obelisk base
  • caltrop
  • shoes. for deborah. because she needs new shoes.
  • de-iced gate
  • town gate. not my best work, but adequate.
  • new watchtower - some changes to nnk as well

Revision 20080503

Committers: u6p_zephyr, u6p_frilly_wumpus, u6p_wyrdweb

  • Adding active and equip inv. guis for throwable potions. Shad, I noticed a template for throwable slime, so I'm adding guis for that too - but wasn't sure if you wanted me to set it up yet. Need pb_logic.
  • We have shoes! Huge thanks to Jesse for helping me with getting the meshes worked out - he rocks. Need pb_logic and u6p_logic. NOTE to WBers - do NOT place shoes in world yet - the world mesh is a boot currently - but the shoe mesh for the world is on Jesse's list. But, you can add them to an NPC to wear (need u6p_support for that).
  • Improved the orange texture to work better with new mesh.
  • added boomerang mesh
  • Adding new silver brazier texture. Need pb_logic.
  • wet sand ruin textures - for building ruins on the beach! woo hoo!
  • Had to recreate new trash_fish because changes made it overlapping other items in backpack, adding the missing laz GUI for magerobe07.
  • Two new shades for the harpsichord and 2 new harvestables - oranges and lemons. Need pb_logic and u6p_logic.
  • adding stub texture for lorebook illustration images
  • Adding Shepherd's Crook for Katrina (can't believe no one added this). Putting in pb so an enterprising modder could also have it for Laz. Need pb_logic.
  • Three new lute textures and GUIs. Need pb_logic and u6p_logic (forthcoming).

Revision 20080401

Committers: u6p_zephyr, u6p_wyrdweb

  • New lockpick texture for mesh.
  • ferry! thanks Niko. (this might need to be updated - we will see)
  • Two new light textures by request. Need pb_logic.

Revision 20080309

Committers: u6p_zephyr, u6p_wyrdweb

  • New gui for Cocoa Beans.
  • Adding more trash. ;-)
  • We have thread - 4 colors for variety. Mesh isn't perfect, but it will do. Need pb_logic.
  • new transparent 16m "connector" node. in theory this makes it possible to connect up a basement to the overworld without having a separate entryway. used for basements that are accessible only via trapdoor or ladder.

Revision 20080119 - This version released with Ultima 6 Project - Milestone 4

Committers: u6p_zephyr, u6p_wyrdweb

  • elevator transformed to be used with barracks (or any other 4x4 gap)
  • Updating container pictures. (Both suggestions did not fix the problem - had to create a new image, copy the artwork over and saved and, for whatever reason, it fixed it.)
  • Adding beehive inventory icon.
  • Adding 12 new Wizard Conical Hat GUIs. Need pb_logic and u6p_logic.
  • for using 12m tx cave node with dwarven mine. note: the nnk entries for this node is in britannia_art.nnk, but the textures are in u6p_art only. should * consolidate this down at some point.
  • Bringing in the trash *giggle*. Need pb_logic.
  • Another style of chain coif.

Revision 20071230

Committers: uvl_ozzy, u6p_frilly_wumpus, u6p_wyrdweb

  • Adding 2 new lutes (textures and GUIs) - one made by Iolo and the other made by Sionnach (I'll add a couple more styles later for M5) and the lute mesh. Added an items folder under the u6p folder. I'll check to see if previous items can also be moved here to keep them all together, but need to test to make sure first. Need pb_logic.
  • More labels for the Journal ... (made by Niko)
  • Lightened up two chest icons and made the ornate sarcophagus just a bit smaller to look better in UI.
  • Adding new trail rations texture. Need pb_logic.
  • Renamed bookcase portrait to use "-" instead of "_" so follows NNK and so template portrait_icon was correct.

Build: 20071124

Rev 7594 - u6p_frilly_wumpus (1 file(s) modified)

  • Copied Lazarus Mario mesh in to PB Art as Stockade Prisoner.

Rev 7592 - uvl_ozzy (16 file(s) modified)

  • More of Niko's graphics for the Journal UI

Rev 7591 - u6p_zephyr (1 file(s) modified)

  • should use this for beehive item - please update template

Rev 7587 - uvl_ozzy (38 file(s) modified)

  • Graphics for the Journal UI - (by Niko)
  • Trebuchet 8pt font for the Journal

Rev 7582 - u6p_wyrdweb (2 file(s) modified)

  • Adding the only 2 crafting items that use icons (others are right-click with no icon). Need pb_logic.

Rev 7574 - uvl_ozzy (6 file(s) modified)

  • More (Niko's) graphics for the journal

Rev 7572 - uvl_ozzy (22 file(s) modified)

  • Commiting Niko's new graphic for the Journal UI

Rev 7570 - u6p_wyrdweb (2 file(s) modified)

  • Adding new Spartan Helmet texture and inventory icon.

Rev 7568 - u6p_wyrdweb (8 file(s) modified)

  • Adding textures and inventory icons for Chuckles' boots and gauntlets (adding folders since armor textures and icons cannot be in u6p folder). Need pb_logic.

Rev 7560 - u6p_wyrdweb (2 file(s) modified)

  • Adding 2 male versions of apron style body textures.

Rev 7558 - u6p_wyrdweb (1 file(s) modified)

  • New male body texture (for Dale and whomever).

Build: 20071110

Rev 7523 - u6p_wyrdweb (10 file(s) modified)

  • Adding Chuckles' red and black jester hat texture and inv. icon, Jester mace (had to add two folders because icons will not work under the u6p folder - I tried every variation), adding Chuckles' new body texture, Ahrmaand's new body texture and a black leather body texture (for a future NPC).

Rev 7506 - u6p_wyrdweb (27 file(s) modified)

  • Adding persistent container icons. Need pb_logic. (You know this means we will need these for other items such as ovens, etc.)

Rev 7499 - u6p_wyrdweb (52 file(s) modified)

  • Adding 26 new wizard hats that match the robes of the Britannian Fashion Line.

Rev 7498 - u6p_wyrdweb (4 file(s) modified)

  • Adding 3 new overalls and a fix to the DS brown overalls that had 4 straps in front instead of 2. Will need u6p_support for NPC Generator use.

Rev 7490 - u6p_wyrdweb (15 file(s) modified)

  • Adding Nystul's cool new red wizard hat and robes, adding 4 new gypsy style outfits (body textures), did a bit of touch up on a few others because farmboy's sleeping mesh on mouseover allows bleeding of colors (but discovered that with Shad's great NPC Generator feature of seeing new textures - I can get a much better view now - thank you!)

Rev 7479 - u6p_wyrdweb (9 file(s) modified)

  • Adding new gray robes texture and inventory icon and new body textures for NPCs - 2 new aprons sets, and 5 new overalls (calling these jumpers, but other overall style is WIP).

Build: 20071014

  • Starting to build the new NNK for U6P
  • Adding some new glassware textures and icons. Will need pb_logic.

Build: 20070923

  • Moving both honey jars from u6p_art to pb_art.
  • Adding flaming oil texture and icons. Need pb_logic.
  • Adding new Spartan Helm. Need pb_logic.
  • New blue dress for the older women.
  • Adding some new additions to the Britannian Fashion Line, my lunchtime project.Adding new item - cowl, with some different colors and icons. Updated one of the robes and icon.

Build: 20070807

  • Added new blue robe texture
  • Announcing the Britannian Fashion Collection. Adding some robes for older persons (will make a few more when I have time during lunch), a few other types and a color assortment based on inquisitor robes - all to use for NPCs, party members and for sale at ye olde local tailor shoppe. I guestimated for the pricing based on others in pb_clothing.

Build: 20070723

  • Added some new decals for U6P Trinsic
  • Added a runic font for the runic lorebook
  • Replaced all the spell "feedback floaters" with runic equivalents

Build: 20070520

  • Added "hit feedback" textures all the way up to -100 HP.

Build: 20070501

  • a typo was fixed in the texture for the Paws town sign and it was enhanced
  • I guess people do read these! =P
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