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Known Issues

Project Britannia is still in it's early stages of development, so there are many issues both known and unknown. Please report in our forums any issues you may run across.

The following list covers many of the issues we're aware of:

Map Issues

By hitting the ";" key in-game, you can get display your lat/long and that information will help with map issues.

  • Some doors in Trinsic cannot be walked through. Usually if you come back at another time of day, you can walk through them.
  • Party member gets stuck on stairs of boat. Casting Gate Travel will salvage your party if you get stuck here.
  • Fatal Error: Cannot Load FastFuelHandle. This is an unrecoverable error and there are a few places in the map that we are aware of that have this issue:
    • OW-5 - WindMere
    • OW-31 - Buc's Den
    • between borders of OW 21 and OW 26 near Lycaeum.

System Issues

  • NPCs will "pop" in and out of existence at the end/start of their schedule
  • NPCs will disappear while walking to their next schedule point and reappear at the destination
  • Moongating/Teleporting will cause torches and buf spells to extinguish
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Page last modified on November 09, 2005, at 11:57 AM